Thaikkudam Bridge, Take A Bow!

Last week I went for a music show that was a bit unusual. And I will tell you what was unusual about it. First up, it was a music band straight of deep Kerala, made up almost completely of Malayalee boys who were singing English and other songs. That such a band, with an improbable name like Thaikudam Bridge would make it to Mumbai and play at the Hard Rock Café was in itself something unusual. And that there were a large audience turnout – with only about 30-40% being Keralites- was another unusual feature. I have been a fan of Thaikkudam Bridge for quite some time. I missed their last concert in Mumbai last year but was determined not to miss this one, even though the location this time was smaller. And boy, was I glad that I went for the concert! Great stuff.

The list of unusual features continues! Thaikkudam Bridge defy genre-slotting. They play rock, metal, original scores, covers, Malayalam folk set to rock tempos, Hindi songs as well as Tamil and some classical music fusion in rock format!. This eclectic mix is what makes their music so great! They have eight, repeat eight vocalists with two of them being complete classical singers and the oldest one being well into his 60s I would think! I don’t know of a single band that has so many singers. Mind you, its not like the singers do double duty on some instruments- they are just vocalists, period. Amazing that you can run a multi-genre band these days with so many people. And, the band has pretty much stayed together for a long time which I would think indicates their commitment to music than anything else. If you look at band history thru the years, you will realise that great bands (like Zepplin or Rush or Stones etc) pretty much remain the same all through their life!

I don’t think you can really get a bigger bunch of talented people in one band. The vocalists are top-notch and totally at ease whether they are singing classic rock or Metallica or melodious folk or even complex compositions. Govind Menon, the founder, is a whiz at the violin and no mean crooner himself (check out Fish Rock ). Mithun Raj the lead guitarist is right up there with John Petrucci or Joe Bonamassa. He just never ceases to amaze me with his licks. The bassist is the live wire of the band and the drummer is awesome. The rest of the crew is equally good too.

I first heard them a couple of years ago on YouTube and was hooked with the first listening of Nostalgia. The singing was super melodious and the guitar solo at the end was nothing short of mind-blowing! I introduced my kids to them and they were taken aback. The biggest certificate for the appeal of the band came from the fact that even my wife, who is quite selective in what she listens to, became a fan!

I usually write on matters related to markets. But I just couldn’t resist writing about this favorite band of mine. Thaikkudam Bridge, take a bow. You took Mumbai by storm that night! Thanks YouTube, for bringing them into my life!

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