Wealth Management

Allow my experts to manage your wealth and gain profits passively through the exceptional portfolio advisory services.

Our Portfolio Advisory & Management Services

Allow experts to manage your wealth and gain profits passively through the exceptional fund management and portfolio advisory services offered by my team. Using a unique self-developed GCM model, the service diversifies your investments in high-momentum large caps and high-quality midcaps to help you gain maximum returns.

There’s also a panel of SEBI registered in-house brokers that help you execute your trades right away. Your portfolio is closely monitored periodically and modified as per the changing market conditions to ensure the complete safety of your funds. Here’s a typical overview of what’s included in this service.

Why Work With Us

Personalized Portfolio

The service uses customized investment strategies and a personalized approach to make sure that your portfolio is populated with securities based on your personal risk-bearing capacity and trading preferences.

Expert Fund Managers

We have several SEBI-registered funds and portfolio managers with years of experience and a track record of managing portfolios and investments. This ensures that your wealth is in the right hands and you can always enjoy peace of mind.

High Transparency with Periodic Reviews

Everything involved in this service is stated transparently to prevent confusion. Additionally, your portfolio is reviewed periodically to ensure that you’re always on the profiting side of the market and keep gaining returns.

Continuous Monitoring

Our expert team of fund managers constantly keeps an eye on your capital and analyses its performance continuously. This also includes communications including information about major market events.

Completely Hassle-Free Process

As the service offers various benefits like complete transparency, detailed market information, and an in-house professional fund manager, it is destined to make your investment experience completely hassle-free and help you book consistent profits without any extra efforts.

Professional Investment Management with Consistent Returns

With this fund management service, you can enjoy risk-adjusted returns that completely eradicate the need to manually assess your portfolio. This allows you to gain consistent returns from the market without any hassles.

Quality Portfolio Management with Experts

Your portfolio is managed by vetted market professionals with considerable experience in the stock market. This allows you to get your portfolio managed through strategies communicated to you prior to zeroing in the service.

Risk Diversification

As you may already know, the stock market contains certain levels of uncertainty and may get volatile at times. With the fund management services offered by Dr. C K Narayan, your portfolio is diversified with various securities to reduce risk.

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