With the help of this software, you can get readymade trades in all time frames like Intraday, Multiday, Swing, Positional Options & also the Nifty/Bank Nifty. Every recommendation is automated on the unparalleled research and analysis capabilities of this tool.


The Inception of Neotrader

Since we started with trainings, we were able to teach more than 50,000 people how to trade profitably and we saw was while there were some who really picked it up, there were a few who needed constant help and with the idea to help more and more people Raja, Aditya & I created Neotrader which is an ultimate trading companion software.

This software comprises of 45 years of my stock market experience combined with experience and expertise of Raja & Aditya in algorithmic form helping you make wiser investments.

Aditya Iyer is a CMT and MBA in Finance from Mumbai, has been in the market since 2013, part of Institutional research outfits and merchant banking set ups has co founded Neotrader, our flagship software product for investors and traders.

Raja Venkatraman, is an MCA as well as System Audit specialist is the brains behind the Training vertical, creating master courses in analysis and implementation of trading and investing techniques over the past 15 years.


How Neotrader helps you

Trade without charts

Input the name of any stock and get Expert level actionable analysis within seconds – No Prior knowledge needed

Get notified on new trades

Don’t miss a single beat of what happens in the market using our Rolling Ticker

Our Pre-made Modules

Use our pre-made modules for Technical Analysis such as ADX trends and RSI Trends

Auto BUY/SELL Signals

Get automated BUY/SELL Signals for any Price action or technical analysis based indicator of your choice.

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