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Hi, I am Dr. C K Narayan.

I have had a multi-decade association with the markets – From broking to market making, analysis, portfolio advisory, and more, I have been part of large broking houses and have catered to individuals at the retail level as well as headed large Institution desks servicing FIIs.

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I have been sought after by many media outlets for market analysis.

Aditya Narayan Iyer

co-Founder, Neotrader

Raja Venkatraman

co-Founder, Neotrader

CK Narayan Team @ Neotrader

As a veteran with more than 45 years of experience in stock market and acknowledged as one of the finest exponents of Technical Analysis of financial markets in India, I wanted more people to use the learnings and trade better. Hence with Raja & Aditya, I built Neotrader so that you can trade smarter.

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I have hosted webinars on various topics related to Technical Analysis. Each of these recordings explains in detail on the usage and application. The pointed and exhaustive webinars will enhance your capability and widen your perspective to achieve consistent success in the markets.

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Advisory Services

Every trade recommended by our Advisory Service CFO Gains is backed by my proven strategies and delivered on time. This way you can take the trades promptly and increase your chance to profit in the market every single day.

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Wealth Management

Allow my experts to manage your wealth and gain profits passively through the exceptional portfolio advisory services. Using a unique self-developed GCM model, the service diversifies your investments in high-momentum large caps and high-quality midcaps to help you gain maximum returns.

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