About Me

Over years many illustrious names have engaged with me to empower them in the area of financial markets ranging from training, advisory to wealth management. Some of these names have been showcased below.

My Story

Beginning my career as a professional dentist from Mumbai University, I developed a keen interest in trading and the stock market during my college days. Then began a completely new phase of my life in 1978 by giving up on dentistry profession and working as an active trader. For the first few years, I worked on fundamental analysis using self-taught tactics and then, by 1981, moved to the field of technical analysis. I knew I had found my core competence as a TA as my mind resonated completely with the subject.

Later, we partnered with a well-known stockbroker to offer services to retail clients. With the experience gained through my profession, we managed to understand the trading psychology of retail traders and design services that proved to be effective for them. Additionally, as the creation of NSE led to an increase in trading activity, I also got a chance to create an advisory service, which soon became popular in a short time. I also wrote a weekly newsletter known as the “Trend Trader” for more than twenty years, which institutional and retail clients considered a must-read.

Talking about our training programs, we launched our first structured technical analysis training between the years 1993-1994 at the UTI Institute of Capital Markets. This training program catered to many, many fund managers and other personnel in the field, as that was the period that asset management companies began operations in the market.  One of our foundational courses on technical analysis is still presented by BSE Training Institute to their attendees. In addition to our courses, we also conducted dedicated in-house training for various broking houses and still continue to do so.

I got great opportunities to write several columns for various magazines and used to work as an editor in India’s only technical analysis magazine, Capital Market Technicals. A lot of TV channels have also invited my team and I as subject experts such as ET Now, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and NDTV. Some of our written pieces can be found in ET digital and Bloomberg Quint.


Launched one of the earliest Technical analysis based advisory company.

Launched one of the longest running newsletters on the market Trend Trader (unbroken publishing record of over 25 years)

Launched one of the earliest structured learning programs on Technical analysis.

Launched a comprehensive technical analysis training program at UTI Inst of Capital Markets, Vashi.

Launched a comprehensive technical analysis training program at BSE Training Institute.

Re launched Capital market technicals, India’s only dedicated technical analysis magazine till date.

Launched one of the earliest websites dedicated to technical analysis advise ChartAdvise.

Advising Domestic and FII funds on technical trends as a part of one of the largest broking houses in India.

Launched Growth Avenues, a full service advisory and fund management company.

Awarded Life Time achievement award for technical analysis by ATMA.

Launched Neotrader- India’s best analysis and trading software.

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