Left Scratching My Head!

Sometimes you can’t understand some of the things that go on around you. Here are a few that have me scratching my head in recent times
Like, why do business leaders travel to Davos every year and pose in the snow fully swathed in multiple layers of warm clothing to the same business channels that interview them back home? What is more, they end up saying the same thing that they do when they are being interviewed at Nariman Point or BKC! Maybe it is just a good chance for the TV journalists to garner a free trip to Switzerland and back. Maybe it is a chance for all these folks to give an airing to their jackets and gloves which otherwise may go to seed in the warm climes of amchi Mumbai? Any which way, I just don’t see the point of this whole exercise.

Like, what is with this Jallikattu business? There was this actor type who came on and said something like ‘it is the definition of Tamil people’ or some such. Unbelievable! I don’t know how many of those thousands of people who were shown protesting on Marina beach has even seen one of these jousts with the bull. But it seems to be a highly emotional element with some people and for whatever reason, it has ignited a spark that has created a Tahreer Square type situation for the state as well as the Central govt. You are wrong if you support it and you are wrong if you oppose it! Any which way I see this, I really can’t understand the hoopla.

Like, what is this jig with the RBI vs govt on the DeMon thing? The dust was almost settling on it when someone goes and blames the RBI for it! Not wanting to look like the villains, Rbi and Urjit Patel fire back only to get some more salvos from chaps in the govt! Seriously, guys, who cares? We went thru the difficulties (ask me, I had to conduct my son’s marriage during this period!!) and now it’s almost behind us. So who gives a damn about whether or not someone is responsible. The entire country has already decided that it is Modi’s brainwave. Whether you curse him or praise him for it is only matter of some words in the wind. But this battle with Rbi seems quite unseemly. Not an organization that gets dragged into the mud. But it appears that is no longer so!

Like, what is happening in UP or Tamil Nadu. In UP I can’t believe that a seasoned political family like the Yadav’s would fight on the eve of an election and give the advantage to the BJP. No doubt, being a Modi supporter, I am quite happy about those turn of events, but still am left wondering how some people can be so myopic or egoistic. And in TN, it now seems like multiple new potential Amma’s are springing up suddenly! A former associate is now a potential CM candidate while a former niece now wants to become the anointed successor! Amma still rules the mindset, it appears?
Like, that young girl from Dangal made to apologize for acting in the movie! Does bigotry know no bounds? She is 16 for God’s sake! She made her family proud and her State proud and here she is, reduced to tears because some people think otherwise! Sometimes you wonder whether you are really in 2017!

Like, (this is for those who think logically about the market), why is the market going up when it should really be going down? I have absolutely no problems about what the market does because that is the way I believe it should be treated. But I keep getting calls from people who seem perplexed that the market is going up in spite of DeMon, in spite of weak numbers, in spite of Trump, in spite of uncertainty over UP elections etc. etc. The market is what it is and wherever it is headed is perfectly correct as far as it is concerned. The reason a lot of people are scratching their heads about it is because they can’t seem to accept the simple fact that the market can do whatever it wants! It is not for us to dictate its path; rather, it is for us to follow the pathway it cuts!

Like, the New Year is here and I am wondering what happened to those resolutions I made in the last January? I fleetingly consider making some new ones this January too but considering that these never get past the end of the month, I am inclined to not make any for this year! Why are we all so disciplined in one area and so very lax in so many others?

And finally, like, will this market go up or down in this year? Will the budget be good or bad or populist? Looks like 2017 is going to be one long scratch, as the answers are difficult to come by!

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