Your future begins today

Some of you are reading this / listening to this because you were meant to. The Universe works in mysterious ways only some of which we are able to fathom. You are where you are in your life because of you. You are also NOT where you want to be also because of you. Realize that the rest of your future begins today.

You need to decide, here and now, whether you want to be ‘anybody’ or ‘somebody’. If you want to be ‘anybody’ just continue to do what you have been doing. You will merge with the crowd, do what everyone else does, walk the same path everyone else does and reach the same destination that everyone else reaches.

But if you wish to become ‘somebody’ then, first, you need to stop doing what you have been doing so far and unless you won’t stop your future does not begins from today . Take stock. Then decide to walk a new path, choose a new destination and walk the path to reach that new destination. If you want to be ‘somebody’ then you have to do what nobody has done. So as a to-be winning trader/investor, you have to avoid all the wrong behaviors that the normal trader/investor does and create a new you.

How would you know you are on the path to becoming a ‘somebody’? Ask yourself this question. Am I one who is like every other X- year- old or am I person now where every other X- year- old looks up to? Fill in your age at X, because this is a question to ask at every stage of your life! As a trader, you want every X-year old trader to look up to you as an example! Why only your peers, why not others you may ask? That is because the X-year-old has had the same amount of time and opportunities that you have had. Those younger or older than you can be your admirers too but understand that they are different in terms of time that has been available to them

What will make others look up to you? It boils down to how you deal with your likes and dislikes and how they fit in with your purpose in life. Most of us know our likes and dislikes and those pretty much rule our lives. But how many of us really have a purpose? We all have many desires and some dreams but the first important thing to do is to fix up a purpose. For eg as a trader, my purpose is to be as profitable as I can expect to be, to do all the things that need to be done when they need to be done.

You essentially have two choices. One subordinate your purpose of your life to your likes and dislikes. This would mean that you will be like anyone else- for they have given priority to living out their likes and dislikes rather than the purpose of their lives. The second choice is to subordinate your likes and dislikes to the purpose of your life. If you do this then your focus will sharpen, your actions will become more orderly and properly driven and you will become ‘somebody’- someone who will be looked up to.

Thus, there is really only one choice- the second one! Start doing that and your new future begins today.

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