Trading, is it an Utopian dream?

Trading is it an Utopian Dream? Contrary to what most people think, stock Trading is a fantastic business and a dream for all. See the benefits. I have the choice of working at picking my trades or depending on others to feed me some names. So I have this great choice of working or not working. Can it get better than this? Yes it does. I can trade stocks, futures, commodities, currencies, futures, options, or on delivery. What a variety. It is almost like being taken to Bikanerwala and saying ‘eat what you want’! So, on the day I feel like trading equities I can even choose from day trading, multi day trading, weekly trading or investing.  If I don’t feel like working in the morning, I can decide to trade Commodities in the evening. If I want to feel like I am an international player, I can trade Forex pairs! Dollars. Euro. Yen. I can be creative and do cross currency pairs too. Wow. Talk about variety.

Then there is money. I can see lots of it about. I am mystified though as to why it doesn’t come near me? But no worries. It will eventually. It has to. After all, with every passing day I am becoming smarter right? Now I know more. My contacts are better. Or so I think. Never mind the fact that my bank balance has been coming down steadily. But hey, the broker is willing to give me more margin! Where else do you get that? You are a terrible customer, losing most of the time. But the broker loves you because you are now trading more and more to make back what you lost. It seems so near- your turnaround. The next one should do it. I am going to get that multi bagger Now and then my troubles are over, you keep telling yourself. And the broker says, Of course, you should not give up. Just get some margin and I will take care of the rest. And you think what a wonderful guy. He is going the extra yard for me! And you go and take a bit of your wife’s savings without telling her. After all, it is just a short term loan you tell yourself. I will have it back in no time, and that too after doubling it. Just give me some time.

And time is there in plenty too. Days move into weeks as you wait for your winner to come thru. Weeks morph into months. One future contract rolls into another. Next month ought to be it, is your expectation. And every now and then, you hit some pay-dirt. A small trade comes thru, making you regret that you played it small. And the broker says, hit it big when you have the conviction- that’s how the big boys do it. And of course, you are now thinking yourself as being on the doorstep to becoming big. So the next one comes along and you hit it BIG! And then, you know what happens!

So what is going wrong? Is the environment the problem? No- for, it could not be better. Is it too difficult to do? Not really- as all you have to do is click a mouse button or make a phone call! Does it require a lot of capital? Not at all- as plenty of margin funding is available. Is there any kind of qualification needed to participate and do well? Absolutely no- you don’t even have to be educated to be part of this place! Is there not enough money to be made? Hardly- in fact, there is far too much of it!

Can there ever be such a place? Complete freedom of self-expression is possible here! Come when you want, go when you want, participate if you feel like it, buy or sell whatever you want whenever you want (for, there is always a buyer or a seller to take your trade any time!), no need for capital, endless profit potential….what more can we ask of a business?
Realise that this is what attracted us here in the first place! Then thru a series of self-inflicted losses (which we never acknowledged as being our own doing) we begin to realise that not everything is as it seems. You stick around some more and begin to understand that the real enemy here is me, myself! I am the one who is destroying my own dreams, crushing my own possibilities! The day that realisation happens, is the day of your rebirth in the market.

And then you set out on the long road- towards self-realisation, understanding your own strengths and weaknesses and working towards either making them better or weeding the faults out. Eventually, the results turn better. And better. And keep becoming better as you come to terms with who you really are. And what makes you do the things that you do in the market. It is a great discovery, one which will then turn the market into what it really is – a trading dream Utopia in reality!

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