Excitement Is In the Air!

Excitement is in the air ! The last month or more has certainly been an exciting time. For several reasons. The biggest trigger came from the resounding victory of BJP in UP elections. Add to that their deft maneuvering in Goa and Manipur to snatch those assemblies under the noses of the Congress! Politics certainly took center stage and that pot was stirred further by the choice of the UP CM! Certainly, Modi and Co are attempting disruptive events in national politics (demonetization, the Hindu consolidation vote in UP, the defiant appointment of the Yogi for CM) and it is also creating an excitement on how matters will flow from here. We all had our fill with DeMon and the electorate and market response has been quite contrary to what was expected. Will it be something similar with the new UP CM-elect? Time will tell.

The markets also got into an act. Against an overall expectation of some sedate times, the strong showing by the BJP in the polls galvanized the index to surge to a new high. The other indices (like Bank Nifty and Mid cap indices etc.) had already hit those higher levels and it was only the main Nifty and Sensex that was lagging behind. The new highs created some new excitement as it just reinforced the bullish sentiments. What is making it even more exciting is that the market is able to hold on to its gains all thru the last one year or more- and there have been several market-affecting events that have occurred along the way. It is very clear that this market does not want to go down and that is what is most exciting of it all!

After the hype created during the IPO of Rel Power back in 2008, there hasn’t been another IPO that has generated as much as interest as DMart. There were talks comparing the two and few skeptics even wondered whether DMart listing may not lead to a market high like it did back in 2008! Such skeptics also alluded to the high PE levels of the current market (23-24x) and sounded warnings on that basis too. But the market lives in the future and the way it is behaving seems to suggest that it is reading the future quite differently than the skeptics! That too is exciting.

Indian cricket team has returned to some winning ways after a long time and that is producing some waves of excitement too. After a long time, people are actually paying attention to the score during the day. Virat Kohli has brought the personality cult back into the game- any sport does require a strong icon to make it exciting. Look at Leo Messi in football, Federer in Tennis, Merriweather in Boxing etc., as examples who generate excitement in the game. If they are not there, then the games don’t have the same kind of draw. Look what happened to golf once Tiger Woods faded!

There is a battle to grab prime time eyeballs in the night time 9 pm news slot after Arnab vacated that spot a few months ago. With him gone, the excitement went out of news. There was some excitement in January when his new channel Republic was supposed to debut. But nothing so far. Arnab is running the danger of delay leading to dissipation of the excitement. Soon people will just forget about him. Out of sight, out of mind, is a powerful cliché. What is exciting about the current new scenario is the rapid strides that Bhupen Choubey is making on CNN to quickly claim the space vacated by Arnab. I have been watching the channel of late and find myself getting rather habituated by it!

Excitement is in the new methods for trading and investing that we keep designing in our office! Nothing can be more exciting when these methods work! Our latest offerings were showcased in our recent webinar Profitable Trading and we are quite excited about how well those methods are working

Finally, excitement is in life itself, as it throbs thru us, keeping us alive every single day, allowing us to experience the wonders of the world around us, permitting us to do as much good as possible to all those around us and enjoying their good will towards us too!. That we wake up to face a new day is after all, the biggest excitement of them all!!

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