In the market, everyone dreams of winning big. Most of the time, this happens because we see these big headlines in the papers or on website saying: “This small-cap stocks gave 1300% in one year” or something along those lines. And you read these quite often. Because some obscure stock keeps doing this periodically. Never mind the fact that many of them are of very dubious merit!

But this engenders a feeling that is possible to earn that kind of return. And when you read it a few times, it kind of becomes a desire in your mind- if only I could find such stocks! Sigh.

The reality is that most people’s books of winners but those winners are offset by one or two big losers. It doesn’t matter whether this is a trade book or an investment book- the story is the same.

Why does this desire not translate into success? Answer is simple. For desires to become reality, we have to DO something about it.

Big wins remain a desire alone because for them to manifest, we will have to make some big decisions. How many people are really capable of doing that? Very few, I would think. Many times big decision do get taken but more often than not, they happen accidentally. It is only when you look back after some years you realize the importance of a decision you took back then. But for desire fulfilment, the big decisions have to be taken deliberately, with fore and afterthought.

Big decisions taken will also demand big actions. Are you up for that mentally? Are you geared for it in terms of ability? Many times we already know the answers to those questions are a No and hence it is easy not to take that big decision at all. If that be the case, then the desire shall remain a desire only.

Assuming that you were able to take the actions too, one has to understand that bigger decisions come bundled with more uncertainty and certainly a greater risk. This is the crux. Are you ready for the uncertainty that comes with having stepped beyond your ‘comfort zone’? Are you ready for a greater risk of failure?

Chances are most are not. And most know this. Hence most don’t even try. But no one wants to give up that desire, that dream, for those big wins in the market.

Maybe now you have an idea why those don’t show up in your present or future but always seem to be present in your past!! You can see very clearly on a chart, in an article, someone saying it etc. as to how that could have been done, how you would have done it and how you should have played it.

This Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda is at the root of most desires not manifesting! They are all in the Past. Actions, great actions, need to happen in the Present so that what we desire can manifest in the Future.

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