Are you making what you think you ought to make?

I am referring here of course to Money. You came to the market to make money, right? And lots of it! Why? Because you know it was there to make. The market is a place of Unlimited Potential with unprecedented (in your life) rewards. That is why you fought every obstacle to reach here to make ought from it .

But having come here, you have still not achieved it. It’s been a few years but the gains are still elusive. No doubt, you learnt some things along the way that helped you to survive. Those who didn’t have all perished or quit already. But five years later, you are still around, going long, going short, trading short term, investing long term, playing options etc. etc. In other words trying a bit of everything. But the success has still been missing.

And you keep wondering why that is so. You trawl the Twitter world looking for the occasional scrums that people throw out. You are mesmerized by those who claim that they had seven figure month. And you despair within- only because you are not even able to reach the early five digits too. So you hang around in Twitter, hoping to strike it rich one day.

If it is not Twitter, then it is You Tube. Searching, searching, and searching- for that magic method that will lift you from the morass. But all you find are ‘failsafe’ option shorting videos, the magic moving average, the Pivot method (especially CPR nowadays) to elevate you. But all they do is set you back a few thousands more. Then you hear of Algo trading platforms that have scores of method providers and you feel you hit the jackpot. You try one after the other, paying the small monthly fee but soon that is also a pretty large bill you have lined up- for nothing much. At best a percent or two profit in several months.

Since you don’t know any better, you are forever caught in this vicious cycle. Somewhere along the road your money runs out. Or your wife’s patience with you does. Or maybe your broker doesn’t extend you that margin anymore. Frustrated, dejected, you decide to retire for now. I will be back, you say like Schwarzenegger in Terminator. You go looking for some money to play with, watch more videos , follow new guy on Twitter and come back to play another round.

Why doesn’t this cycle ever end?

It won’t. Not until you decide to change what you are doing. For which you need to change what you believe in, who you think you are.

No amount of Twitter, Youtube experts are going to make a difference until you take up that responsibility.

All it needs (really!) is for you to make a declaration.

I am only a few moments away from greatness.

Keep repeating that to yourself all through the day. Do it long enough and you will remember it every day without making the effort. A declaration is an announcement of intent. What you need to bring with it is a new integrity- to keep up to the new intent.

Now something else altogether different shall happen. Your mind now starts functioning differently even though you have done anything new yet. It starts to look for opportunities for greatness. Your mind starts to focus on what is possible and not what is not. Then you shall see what you want to see.

In your trading now you start seeing possibilities and ought to make . On your charts you start seeing good set ups. Your mind now doesn’t see many things but only a few- the ones. When you concentrate on fewer things, your mid gets focused- you start seeing more of the objective reality whereas all the time earlier you lived in subjective reality. Only because you were driven by a different mindset.

When you look at the chess board, for example, you now see it differently. You earlier thought the Queen was the most powerful piece because she could roam all over the board. Sometimes you felt it was the Knight, for its ability to jump or travel sideways too. But then you realize that a Queen or Knight or a Bishop or a Rook, powerful as they might all be, are still limited. Why? Because they cannot transform into anything more powerful. Only the lowly Pawn can! When the pawn quietly makes the journey to the other end of the board, it transforms into any of those powerful pieces.

Realize that we are all pawns until we understand or become aware of our greatness!

This is why a declaration that I am only moments away from greatness is a truth! It is not an empty statement. Every common man is a pawn. When their value is not recognized, they get sacrificed. But many times, later in the game, they get into such powerful positions that they almost start controlling the progress of the game!

Once the pawns are moved in such a way that they continuously (or even intermittently) exercise power, there is a sudden perception change of their worth.

We need to wake up to our potential as pawns and believe firmly in our ability to transform ourselves into something substantially bigger. Like Disraeli put it, “Life is too short to be little”. Understanding that you came here to build your castle not your grave.

Abandon the company of all those who only whine or give excuses of why they cannot, will not, should not do something. Those are the losers, because they are afraid to try, afraid to think bigger. They are the ones struck by an illness called traditional paralysis.

Instead think of the world as something that is ready to give you, is waiting for you to reach out and take it. Rub shoulders with those that are successful because they are the ones who have made their declaration to go for abundance in their lives.

Tell yourself that you will no longer think small. If your chart analysis says that a stock is a good buy at this point, then it is good for buying one lot or a hundred. Find the money to play it big. Challenges, failures and set backs will be there but never feel defeated. If you find a sign on the road saying Road Closed do you sit there waiting for the sign to be changed? No. You find a way to reach your destination that is all. Understand that failure is a feedback with a different message. Take note of it and act differently.

A caterpillar changes into a butterfly every time it decides to be one. The dragon fly was once a water bug that lived under water. But once they both come out of their former selves, can they ever go back to being what they were? Never. Similarly once you decide to change the way you were, you will also never go back to the old ways. The results will be different because the actions will be different. The butterfly and the dragonfly both embraced abundance, rejecting their former sel.

Once you decide to be different, you need not go in search of change, the change will find you and make the ought . You don’t have to chase down abundance, the universe shall send abundance your way. All you have to state is that you deserve abundance. You don’t have to chase it- you just have to dis-cover it, for it has been forever residing within you. That is why you are always just moments away from greatness.

Believe it. Your mind shall only see what it believes to make ought.


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