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November 19, 2022

There are so many examples from life about how to succeed. Almost all of them have one thing in common- conditioning of behaviour. Read the books of great achievers and you will find this common thread. For the markets, a good series to read would be the Wizards series of author Jack Schwaeger. Like many...

November 21, 2017
Are we doing are our best?

Are we doing are our best? – 21-11-2017 Over the weekend I had some nice company and we all spent two glorious days doing nothing but chilling and listening to music! Aah bliss! What a fantastic way to spend the day. Music, to me, is an enthralling experience, something that reaches into the very core...

July 17, 2017
Trading And The Law Of Entropy

Trading And The Law Of Entropy                                                   11 July 2017 It was after a long time that I came upon a book of John Ehlers in my own library. The only thing about Ehlers books that I remember is ‘maximum entropy’ and it kind of stuck in my memory because back then I didn’t have a...

March 21, 2017
Excitement Is In the Air!

Excitement is in the air ! The last month or more has certainly been an exciting time. For several reasons. The biggest trigger came from the resounding victory of BJP in UP elections. Add to that their deft maneuvering in Goa and Manipur to snatch those assemblies under the noses of the Congress! Politics certainly...

August 24, 2016
Following The Follower

Last week I was at one of our religious ceremonies where some ritual has to be done. The room was full of people like me, all seated and following the instructions of the priest who was intoning something in Sanskrit, which none of us followed. But, we have been doing this for many years and...

May 31, 2016
Small and Many or Big and Few?

The unending search for profits. The problem for a trader is always about whether he/she should go for a series of small profits or perhaps take aim and shoot for fewer but bigger ones. This unending dialogue that a trader carries on with himself somehow never seems to end. It doesn’t and wont because the...

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