Trading With Ichimoku

Learn How To Estimate The Presence, Persistance As Well As The Strength Of A Trend.


Trading With Ichimoku

In my entire career spanning 45 years of technical analysis usage, Ichimoku charting is the most effective improvement that I have come across. And ever since I got to know about it around 2012 or so, I have found a great enhancement in the way I see, the way I analyze the market, and consequentially, the way I engage with it. Be it trading short term or long term, be it investing, be it the short side or the long side….it didn’t matter what I wanted to do… Ichimoku had all the answers that I needed.

I felt I needed to share this wonderful tool with everyone and hence decided to teach it to whoever wanted to learn.

This video is a recording of the classes that present Ichimoku in great detail. If you go thru this video carefully, you WILL be able to make this important tool your mainstay and be the gainer forever!

It is a far, far superior way of using candlesticks, trend-following tools, momentum concepts, etc., all rolled into one.

Don’t miss it!