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There are more than thousands of books written on the subjects of Technical analysis, trading methodology, market psychology etc. One of the best ways to learn or to continue your learning is through reading.

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I am constantly asked to recommend my top selection of books to read. So, I have put together a video where I list some of my favourite books that I have read through the years and these have helped me tremendously to improve my understanding and subsequent practice.

Here I list books in the order they should be read. Learning has to be a structured approach. Hence the right kind of books have to be read at the right time. I explain about that a bit within the video too.

This is by no means a final list but it is certainly a list that I have created for going through a structured process of learning about analysis and trading and mindset etc. I am certain that anyone who follows the sequenced list will find their learning journey to be a smooth one.

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