What kind of service do you provide?

C K Narayan is the founder of Growth Avenues, an organisation that empowers anyone to participate in financial markets and generate income. For those that have the willingness as well as the capability to do everything on their own, we provide ADVICE. For those that want to go a step further, and want to learn how to do it, we provide TRAINING. Finally, for those that are too busy to either find the time or have the capability to do things on their own, we MANAGE.

What kind of Training do you provide?

Growth Avenues provide Training under the Chart Advise banner. We offer training to all kinds of profile from novice trader to a professional trader. The training caters to all styles of trading ranging from Day Trading, MultiDay Trading and Positional Trading.

What kind of Advisory Services do you provide?

Growth Avenues provides specialised services to Active and Professional Traders who wants to take their game to the next level with a service called Markets With C K Narayan that is an omnibus of trades, views and commentary by Dr.C.K.Narayan himself.. For the retail traders we have a service called as CFO Gains that is purely advisory in nature giving a mix of recommendations.

How do I know it is a good time to invest in the stock market?

There are bound to be peaks and troughs in the stock market, and research has shown that nobody achieves long term success by trying to time their investments. Strategic Asset allocation has an overwhelming influence on the variation in investment returns which is why Sunshine Financials concentrates on this aspect creating enhanced index tracking portfolios with better risk adjusted returns.

I have a mixture of several investments - can you unravel it all for me and help me plan for my future.

As an intrinsic part of your financial plan, we will look in detail at your existing investments, insurance policies and tax situation. We will highlight the strengths of your current situation, and where we would recommend change.

How safe is my money?

Growth Avenues does not hold client money, we take a POA from the Client and trade on their behalf. Your investment portfolio will be held by recognized organizations that are regulated by SEBI. Growth Avenues only offers you an independent Advisory service. As a client, we will be investing on your behalf and manage your money.

Do you guarantee any returns on my portfolio with you?

No. We do not guarantee any fixed return on your portfolio. However we will work with you to understand how much risk you can and are willing to take, and then define the portfolio mix in such a way that it will maximize your risk-adjusted returns.

Are you available to answer my questions whenever I have them? If so, will I be billed?

We have different modes of communication to reach us in case of any query. We have a dedicated online chat support as well as email support through which you can reach out to us to share your concern.

What makes you different from other organisations?

Several things; our values- we work best with individuals who are concerned about the “big picture” and the impact they can make, not just the amount of accumulated wealth or the rate of return on investments.¬† Secondly, our focus on comprehensive solutions that we offer our clients to enhance their capital gains. ¬†Finally, we are very passionate to give the customer a sense of satisfaction and confidence.

Where can I get to know more about the products and services?

You can reach out to us on our email id [email protected]. You could also follow us on our social media channels to know more about us.

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